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Bring your game logs online

Squish Logs brings the power of modern web technology to the gaming administration world. Pass the heavy load of logging to us, so we can burden it for you.

Squish Logs already powers 322 communities!

This is why they chose us.

Powerful Search Engine

Under the hood, Squish Logs uses a powerful search engine to ensure minimal wait times when you’re trying to do your job! We want to see your success as much as you do, so we’re already prepared to handle hundreds of thousands of logs a session!

Archive Storage

Sometimes you’ll want to see what happened a few days ago, so we already go ahead and throw your old session in an accessible archive. We hold on to all of your old logs for a little while, just in case you end up needing them.


If we’re tracking everything that happens on your server, why not process it into some helpful graphs and charts? We compile data that lets you see average activity, new player growth, popular times of the day & so much more!

Live Logs

Modern tech means modern perks! See logs stream in as they happen from within the Live Logs section. Get a real-time idea of what’s happening in your server!

Broad Game Support

Currently supporting Garry’s Mod, Minecraft & FiveM, we probably have you covered. If you’re in a space we don’t currently support, reach out and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll want to support it as much as you do.

Developer Friendly

We provide a comprehensive and in-depth guide for adding custom implementation to all the games we support. If you’re running custom solutions on your server, we have it all written up on how you can integrate with Squish Logs.

Squish Logs is affordable too

Built by community owners, we understand that price matters. So we’ve kept things reasonable. It’s only $5 per server, that’s less than a Big Mac meal.

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